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Gegensatz Press books analyze, satirize, tantalize, but do not compromise.
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Mind the Gap: Generational Differences in Medical Education by the Alliance for Clinical Education, edited by Geoffrey A. Talmon, M.D., and Gary L. Beck Dallaghan, Ph.D.
Die at the Right Time: A Subjective Cultural History of the American Sixties by Eric v.d. Luft
The Girl of the Early Race: Poems by Deborah Boe
Losing My Patience: Why I Quit the Medical Game by Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.
An Imaginary Conversation with Muhammad Ali by Eric v.d. Luft
Yoga for Fools by Eric v.d. Luft
A Socialist Manifesto by Eric v.d. Luft
God, Evil, and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of Religion by Eric v.d. Luft
The Inscribed List, or, Why Librarians Are Crazy: Hilarious Real Names of Real People from Library Catalogs by Eric v.d. Luft
How I Became a Life Master Playing the Weak No Trump by Eric v.d. Luft
Pedigree of Eric v.d. Luft: Consisting of Luft, Meeker, Hanford, and Wooddy Genealogies in America, Sweden, and Great Britain: Lineages and Stories
Don't Complain That There's No Sauerkraut! Poems by Eric v.d. Luft