Gegensatz Press
Gegensatz Press books analyze, satirize, tantalize, but do not compromise.
Biography and Autobiography
Rolling Stoned by Andrew Loog Oldham
Losing My Patience: Why I Quit the Medical Game by Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.
Letters from the War: The Civil War Letters of a Union Sergeant from the Front to His Home in Walton, New York, and Related Letters, 1862-1864, by Sgt. George A. Crawley
I Wanna Do Everything! An Essay on Dissipation, Arrogance, and the Life of the Mind by Sarah Penn
You Guys Are Good - for Girls! by Donna R. Gataletto
An Imaginary Conversation with Muhammad Ali by Eric v.d. Luft Pedigree of Eric v.d. Luft: Consisting of Luft, Meeker, Hanford, and Wooddy Genealogies in America, Sweden, and Great Britain: Lineages and Stories Hit: A Critical Edition of the Polemical Autobiography of America's First Woman Surgeon by Mary Edwards Walker, M.D. Violence and Women: The Autobiography of Eric v.d. Luft Ten Revolutionary Martyrs: Jesus of Nazareth, Thomas Münzer, Jean-Paul Marat, Rosa Luxemburg, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Salvador Allende by Eric v.d. Luft