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The Individual by Karl Schmidt

ISBN 978-1-933237-17-6 (paperback), $9.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-40-4 (PDF e-book), $8.98

The Individual
  by Karl Schmidt

Karl Schmidt (1819-1864)
was the last "Young Hegelian"
and - arguably - the first
existentialist. This book is a
translation of his 1846 "last word"
on Max Stirner (shown below in
Friedrich Engels's caricature),
Ludwig Feuerbach, David Friedrich
Strauss, Bruno Bauer, and Hegel's
dialectic of spirit. It is an essential
text for the study of German
philosophy and culture in the
Vormärz. Also included as an
appendix is a translation of
conservative theologian Ernst
Wilhelm Hengstenberg's
contemporary - and very
hostile - review of the book.

Max Stirner, drawn by Friedrich Engels  
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