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Losing My Patience: Why I Quit the Medical Game by Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.

ISBN 978-1-933237-26-8 (paperback), $18.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-22-0 (Kindle e-book), $8.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-22-0 (PDF e-book), $8.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-58-9 (EPUB e-book), $8.99

Losing My Patience:
Why I Quit the Medical Game

   by Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.

The accessible, conversational autobiography of a
successful physician who left his private practice
because of the cruel realities of the American health
care system.

When Michael Moore says that the American health care
system is sick, you do not have to believe him. He is
only a filmmaker. But when a physician, resonating with
the experiences of countless clinical practitioners, says
much the same thing, you should sit up and take notice!

From the Introduction: "My story, my team's story, needs to
be told. Physician dissatisfaction is increasing as the 'other
team' jumps higher and faster. The best, most dedicated
physicians are frustrated from their constant defeat against
the forces of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.
This is a critical time in American health care."

"The purpose of this candid autobiography is to share the
story of why many very good, dedicated physicians are
leaving the profession. The overall objective is to impact
healthcare reform. This objective is worthy, but probably
unrealistic. ...
    "The book covers the golden years of medicine, changes
that have occurred due to the influence of insurance and
pharmaceutical interests, and the legal system. The author
discusses the reasons why health professionals are not calling
the shots in terms of treatment plans, but rather external forces
such as the reimbursement and pharmaceutical industries are.
    "There are many books out on healthcare reform and some
that are autobiographical. ... Each one has merit in that they
expose the broken healthcare system. Maybe if enough of
these books are written, healthcare reform will actually take
into account some of these stories."
    - Carole A. Kenner, RNC, DNS, FAAN
excerpt from Doody's Book Reviews
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