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Die at the Right Time! A Subjective Cultural History of the American Sixties by Eric v.d. Luft

ISBN 978-0-9655179-2-8 (print). $28.95
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Die at the Right Time!
A Subjective Cultural History of the American Sixties
  by Eric v.d. Luft

Parts will make you laugh.
Parts will make you think.
Parts will make you angry.
Parts will make you sick.
Go for it all!

The purpose of Die at the Right Time! is not to memorialize yesterday,
but to inspire today and tomorrow. If it helps any present or future
leftists, war resisters, or young visionaries to avoid past mistakes or
to improve on past successes, then it will have achieved this purpose.

The author, a teacher of philosophy, religion, and history, was a
ten-year-old sixth-grader when President John F. Kennedy was
murdered on November 22, 1963. Die at the Right Time! is the
story of the cultural, political, aesthetic, and sociological
development he shared nationwide with his rebellious peers from
that point until the early seventies. He remains an unreconstructed,
unrepentant, and uncompromised believer that the best thing he
ever did was to work against the Vietnam War. Die at the Right
Time! shows the leftist ideals of the sixties as he experienced them.

"... a must for those who were there and those who would like to be."
     - Andrew Loog Oldham
original manager of the Rolling Stones

"Leftist culture-vulture and philosopher Eric v.d. Luft takes
us on a season-by-season romp through the pop culture of that
glorious and earth-shattering decade, reliving and analyzing the
music, films, books, TV, and sports. Whether you actually lived
through the era - as I did - or wished you had, this book will
help you understand all the critical connections between the pop
culture of the time and the history that was being made in Vietnam
and in the streets. Die at the Right Time! will live on my
bookshelf as an indispensable reference."
     - Mark Rudd
leader of the 1968 student takeover of Columbia University

"In the sixties the cultural front lines were an exhausting place to
be. Sometimes I think I was too close to it all to have an effective
overview. Eric v.d. Luft's Die at the Right Time! is a smart, keenly
insightful guided tour of the intricate subtleties and nuances of that
explosive period."
     - Michael Tearson
WXPN DJ, 1967-1970
WMMR Music Director, 1970-1976
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