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Sow: Poems by Tanya Rucosky Noakes

ISBN 978-1-933237-36-7 (Kindle e-book), $7.98
ISBN 978-1-933237-36-7 (PDF e-book), $4.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-47-3 (EPUB e-book), $3.99
Tanya Rucosky
Tanya Rucosky Noakes was born in the mountains east
of Pittsburgh. She has degrees from the University of
Pittsburgh in English Literature and Information Science,
and a further degree in Environmental Education from
Slippery Rock University. She has worked as an archivist,
editor, organic farmer, teacher, foreign aid worker, and
park ranger, and has wandered around Europe, the
American West, and spent several years in Thailand
and Taiwan. At the time she wrote these poems, she
had wandered over to the other side of the planet where
she owned an organic farm and ran a community
environmental organization in rural Australia. She
now lives in Maine.

  Poems by Tanya Rucosky Noakes

Alphabetical List of Titles:

Abigail Brought Two Hundred Loaves ...
After the Flood
Baba Meets the Sea
Bear's Funeral
Burning Daylight
Butchering Season
Considering Laetoli from My Small Pond
Deep Creek
Down to Bone
Dusk Falls Planting Trees
Eve Recalls the Apricot Grove
Fall from a Bridge in Madison County
The Fall of Leaves
Farewell to El Dorado
Fox Nights
Good-Bye Again
Hands Pressed Against Each Other Through Glass    
Hay Street Epiphany
A Hint
A House Without Lights
In Seth's House
in the cracks
In the Slap of a Screen Door
The Kingdom at Hand
Kings 20:28
Komeha'e Rises
Leda After the Swan
Let Us Not Talk
Letter Home #37 - Holding the Moon
The Long Way
Luke in Bright Water
The Moon in a Mackerel Sky
My Heart is Narrow as Wolf Creek
The New Forest
Not for Love nor Parrots
Pan di Pinzimonio
A Pantheist Worships the Sky
Parts of Speech
Peaceful Easy
Sea Stones
The Secret Garden
Shovelling Snow on New Year's Eve
Skinny Dipping with Tiamat
Soot, Thorn, and Stone
Terra Incognita
This Moon, This Grass, This Stone
This Scar
To You From Glenelg
Travellers All
Wait Time
"Wa Wadna Fecht for Charlie"
Weeding Is Prayer
What a Gardener Knows of Faith
When I Return to Little Gidding
Where Raspberries Grow
Where the Grass Grows Tall
Why I Run
The Wind in its Swiftness
Yellow Box Country
Smashwords Sow Poems Tanya Rucosky Noakes

You know, when I thought of this title it was because
"sow" is a homophone:

so ... where do we go from here ...
sew ... stitch something together ...

and the planting idea ...

and then I found myself saddled with ... a pig!
English is terrible and wonderful. ...

So, even though I like pigs, I'm rather anti-pig on this
one. However, what you bring to this enlarges and
extends anything good I have written into the rest of
the world, and if you in your wisdom and experience
want to bring pigs ... I'll trust you on that.

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