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The Girl of the Early Race: Poems by Deborah Boe

ISBN 978-1-933237-23-7 (print), $11.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-24-4 (Kindle e-book), $8.98
ISBN 978-1-933237-49-7 (EPUB e-book), $8.99
ISBN 978-1-933237-24-4 (PDF e-book), $8.95
The Girl of the Early Race is
Deborah Boe's second book of poetry!

Lovers of poetry who remember Deborah Boe's
critically acclaimed debut book, Mojave
, will wonder
why she published no subsequent book - until now.

Thomas Simmons of the University of Iowa wrote in his
September 6, 1999, review of Mojave on
"Deborah Boe is one of the most under-rated poets in
America. I have never understood why [her] first volume,
the 1987 Mojave, was not quickly followed by an equally
stellar second book. Certainly the three poems of Boe's
in the March 1986 issue of Poetry, which are not
included in Mojave, themselves merit the release
of a second volume. Boe's style has the terseness and
out-of-left-field vividness of Louise Glück’s best work,
but she has a sharper grip on the immediate situation:
her poems of love and abuse against the setting of the
desert are as shockingly humane as any I have read.
While she has a different kind of lyricism from Marie
Howe, the underlying intensity of language is similar:
Boe and Howe, at their best, match each other in the
extreme aridity of their perceptions, which somehow
ironically restore the heart. Hanging Loose Press
deserves great credit for bringing out Boe's first book,
but the situation reminds one of the inherent injustices
of the world of poetry: some deserving poets, like Howe,
are prize winners with two books, while other, equally
deserving poets (like Boe) go almost unrecognized.
But if you find a copy of Mojave, you will find poems
you have been looking for for years."

Mojave: Poems by Deborah Boe  

The Girl of the Early Race
  Poems by Deborah Boe

Alphabetical List of Titles:

About Lazarus
Acts of the Spring
Adolescent Boy in Black
The Alchemy of Resurrection
All Your Prayers
Ananias and the Ants
And Yahweh Closed the Door Behind Noah
An Apology to My Lover
Arizona / Nevada
Attack of the Polka-Dot Girls
Au Printemps
Back Yards
Bandanna Event
Because it Pleases You
Body of a Man
Breaking Down
The Broken-Off
The Changeling
Composition with a Flute (for David)
Composition With a Lion
The Constant Sufferer
Country and Western
The Craft
The Creation of Woman
Dans le Restaurant
The Dead Season
The Desert
Design for a Kite, for Karyn
A Dream of Running
A Dream of the Serenade
Factory Work
The Feast (after Paul Gauguin)
The Feminine Arts
First, Sunlight Makes You Crazy
The Flowers are Offered
For Margaret, Weaving
The Ghost of His Wife Comes to Him at Night
The Girl of the Early Race
The Girl Who Walked Away
Green Room with Nudes
He Finds His Voice
The Healing
Hermit Thrush
In Heat
In Praise of Polka-Dots
Jigsaw Puzzle
Journey by Water
Kite Watchers on a Sleeping Hill
The Laborers
Last Light
Letters Home from Massachusetts
The Lighthouse
Lot's Wife
Luna Moth
Magic Slate
Mary of Bethany
Mary of Magdala
Offering the Flowers
Parable of the Coin
The Pileated Woodpecker Appears
A Princess (After the Fairy Tale)
Reading by Christmas Light
The Reason I Stay
Remembering the Ukulele
The Rose of Testimony
The Search
Sickness, or Quilt
Some Permanent Ground
Spring in the Big House, Orr's Island, Maine
To Her Lover Who Fears
Transitions on Thompson's Island
Two Women Walking to Athens
Unholy Desire
The Unwanted Gifts
Walking All Night
Warning Signs Are Being Posted
The Wedding at Cana
Why I Haven't Been Writing, for Liz (While House-Sitting)
A Woman
Woman with a Comb
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