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Guidebook for Clerkship Directors - 4th edition - by the Alliance for Clinical Education

ISBN 978-1-933237-03-9 (print), sold out
ISBN 978-1-933237-04-6 (Kindle e-book), $19.99
ISBN 978-1-933237-87-9 (PDF e-book), $19.95

Guidebook for Clerkship Directors - 4th edition
  by the Alliance for Clinical Education,
Bruce Z. Morgenstern, editor-in-chief


1. The Role of the Clerkship Director
2. Day-to-Day Management of a Clerkship
3. The Clerkship Orientation
4. Advising and Mentoring Medical Students
5. Understanding, Navigating, and Leveraging U.S. Medicine
6. Creating a Clerkship Curriculum
7. Instructional Methods and Strategies
8. Clinical Reasoning
9. Integrating the Basic Sciences into the Clinical Years
10. Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LIC)
11. The Fourth Year: Acting Internship/Subinternship
12. Technology in Clerkship Education
13. Simulation in Medical Student Education
14. Nurturing Medical Professionalism in Clerkships
15. Evaluation of Students
16. Working with Students with Difficulties: Academic and
17. Faculty and Program Evaluation
18. The Clerkship Director and the Accreditation Process
19. Team Effort: The Role of Clerkship Administrators and
    Professional Opportunities for Them
20. Directing a Clerkship over Geographically Separate Sites
21. Residents as Teachers
22. Faculty Development
23. Career Development for Medical Student Clinical Educators      
24. Educational Scholarship

"... a must-read for the individual who
has accepted the responsibility to direct
a clinical clerkship for a medical school."
    - Richard J. Simons, M.D., M.A.C.P.,
JAMA, 5 Dec 2012; 308 (21): 2283-2284.

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Editorial Board:
Imran Ali, M.D.
Michael Cahalane, M.D.
Maya Hammoud, M.D.
Lyuba Konopasek, M.D.
Shahram Lotfipour, M.D.
Doug Paauw, M.D.
Beat Steiner, M.D.
Nutan Vaidya, M.D.