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Diary of Doses: Poems by Rob Dickenson

ISBN 978-1-933237-88-6 (PDF e-book), $3.95
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Robert M. Dickenson is a writer/musician from the
Brandywine Valley in eastern Pennsylvania. His craft
began by writing songs for his bands as they performed
up and down the east coast. From Annie Crow Road in
the folk era, to Get Right and Life After Elvis in the 80s
and 90s rebel-rock era, to the current Rob Dickenson
Band, he has provided each band with poetic songs.
He has been published in several poetry publications
and his lyrics have been praised as standalone art.

Diary of Doses
  Poems by Rob Dickenson

Brutal, filthy, no-holds-barred imagist poems
that use sarcastic honesty, existential tension,
and occasional humor to paint stark portraits of
the hypocrisy, desperation, loneliness, delusion,        
and squalor of the substance abuse world.

Alphabetical List of Titles:

1. Rainbow Hitler
2. True Genius
3. Beautiful Disaster
4. A Million Dead Presidents
5. The Poacher
6. Christian Men Rejoice
7. Just Say No
8. Kulture
9. X Vegas
10. Cobwebs
11. Talk On
12. Vitamin V
13. Open Heart Surgery
14. The Glue Guru
15. The Greatest Urge
16. Aunt Mabe
17. One in a Million
18. Partying with Brittany
19. Red's Place
20. Red's II
21. Red's III
22. Red's IV
23. Red's V
24. Medicine Chest
25. The Man on the Floor
26. By the Nose
27. Joe
28. Love the One You Whiff
29. Café Society
30. Death Loves a Junkie
31. Love Connection
32. The Jimmy Dance
33. Spit is It
34. Possum
35. Degrading Positions at Work
36. Blue Lou
37. William Henry
38. Backroom Etiquette
39. The Meth Dance
40. The Last Night of Piggy
41. Doctor's Orders
42. What Kind of Bird Don't Fly
43. Ride
44. Dust
45. Upstairs and to the Rear
46. The Flats
47. Man Beneath the Sidewalk
48. Chatty Cathy
49. Artie's Dead
50. State of Mind
51. Graduation Day
52. Strike Another Match Amigo
53. Self-Affliction
54. The Road to the Heart
55. The Doc
56. Opening Day
57. Lost and Found and Lost
58. Unexplained Love
59. The 13th Step
60. The Drifter and the Chambermaid
61. Keep Your Nose Clean (A Song in C)
62. Whiskey and Eggs
63. The Smell of Crackling Synapse
64. A Higher Prayer
65. Hotel High Hopes
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