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You Guys Are Good - for Girls! - by Donna Gataletto

ISBN 978-1-62130-718-1 (Kindle e-book), $4.95
ISBN 978-1-62130-719-8 (EPUB e-book), $4.99
ISBN 978-1-62130-720-4 (PDF e-book), $4.95

You Guys Are Good - for Girls!
One Woman's Musical Breakthrough
in a Male-Dominated World

  by Donna R. Gataletto

The autobiography of the leader of several all-woman
electric bands in the 1960s and 1970s.

At a time when women musicians were just the front singers
in groups, Donna dreamed of putting her own group together
and being not only a singer, but an electric lead guitarist. This    
concept was groundbreaking in the 1960s, when women
musicians typically played folk music on acoustic guitars,
not rock, funk, or R&B on electric guitars.

Excited by Donna's vision and energy, other women signed
on to play drums, keyboards, bass, and rhythm guitar. They
quickly learned about the double standard that existed for
men and women. This did not deter them in any way, but
made them stronger and more determined to achieve their
musical goals.

Donna would like to believe that her bands' courage, passion,
and drive helped to open doors for future female musicians.
This is a feel-good autobiography for anyone who's ever
had a dream.
You Guy Are Good - for Girls!

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