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Bring Your Own Pencil! The Making of a Teacher by Buddy Lee Walter

ISBN 978-1-62130-816-4 (Kindle e-book), $4.99
ISBN 978-1-62130-817-1 (EPUB e-book), $4.99
ISBN 978-1-62130-818-8 (PDF e-book), $4.95

Bring Your Own Pencil!
The Making of a Teacher

  by Buddy Lee Walter

Eduardo Ciannelli finds himself, unexpectedly, in front
of a classroom of high school students, and finds himself.
His story is one of a reluctant - accidental - teacher who
has to confront his own biases and assumptions about
himself, his students, and the educational system, in
order to reach the understanding that the entire thing is
ultimately about the human connection. It is about the
teacher/student relationship ... and how sometimes these
roles get reversed. Join Eduardo on his journey, as he
deals with the best and worst of administrators and the
most centered and most troubled of students, to discover
if he even wants to be a teacher and, if so, how to become
a better one.
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