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Into the Cool: The Collected Poems of David Saxton, 1992 Through 2007

"David Saxton has found a poetic voice like no
other, mixing a passion for the earth and a vision
of other worlds and an insight into other beings
and a plain old lover's perplexion. Harken to it."
     - Kirkpatrick Sale
     December 1991

ISBN 978-1-933237-19-0 (paperback), $9.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-09-1 (Kindle e-book), $7.95
ISBN 978-1-933237-50-3 (EPUB e-book), $5.99
ISBN 978-1-62130-763-1 (PDF e-book), $5.95
David Saxton reading from Into the Cool  

Into the Cool:
The Collected Poems of
David Saxton, 1992 Through 2007

Alphabetical List of Titles:

After Walking in Dream
Among the Bodies
"and death ?"
Angel Time in Manhattan
Anna Maria Island
The Beat
Being Pressed
Being With God
Black Snow
Brief Song
Certain Powers
Certainty and Change
Charlie’s Soul's Destiny
Crazy Charlie: An Elegy for Charlie Watkins
Crazy Charlie: His Dark Origins
Crocus Time
The Dance of the Be
Dharma 5
Each Father's Prayer
The Face of Man
The Fall
Final Etchings
The Find
The Fool
Forgetting at Good Sam Hospital
Flypaper Hopes
Furious Me
Gathered in the Light
The God in the Clown's Hat
The Great Escape of You and Me
Hidden Speeches
History Betrayed
The Idea of Hearing in the Buddha Mind
"If I Were To ?"
Intricate Puzzle
Invocation to the Great Mother
The Kali Devotionals
The Lover's Intent
Mumbo in the Jumbo
No Hope
No Mind
North Point Star Report
Now Time
On Almost Losing
One Life, One Earth
Poet's Postscript
Precious Things
The Ritual Dream Journey of the Green Codicils
Rooms Beneath the City
The Scratching of Tomorrow
The Second Coming
The Self is Not Limited !
Sitting With Jack
Sitting With the Unknown Dead
The Song of I Am
Sonnets I-XLV
The Soul in Action
Spring Again
Star Knowledge Caught at Lunch
Stupid Things
Such Silence
This Damp Earth
To Be Old and To Be Young
While Waiting
Wondering With Spring
The Zoo
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