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Sow: Poems by Tanya Rucosky Noakes
Poems by
Tanya Rucosky
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Tanya Rucosky Noakes was born in the mountains east of Pittsburgh. She has
degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in English Literature and Information
Science, and a further degree in Environmental Education from Slippery Rock
University. She has worked as an archivist, editor, organic farmer, teacher,
foreign aid worker, and park ranger, and has wandered around Europe, the
American West, and spent several years in Thailand and Taiwan. Currently
she has wandered over to the other side of the planet where she owns an
organic farm and runs a community environmental organization in rural Australia.
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You know, when I thought of this title it was because
“sow” is a homophone:

so ... where do we go from here ...
sew ... stitch something together ...

and the planting idea ...

and then I found myself saddled with ... a pig!
English is terrible and wonderful. ...

So, even though I like pigs, I’m rather anti-pig on this
one. However, what you bring to this enlarges and
extends anything good I have written into the rest of
the world, and if you in your wisdom and experience
want to bring pigs ... I’ll trust you on that.
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