How do you find out about addiction? If you are a kid, you usually hear about drugs from other kids. They don’t
know much, because they have just started using drugs, or haven’t used them. Parents tend to know little about
what is going on at school, and what knowledge they have tends to be a generation out of date.

Addiction and drug use is actually a complicated area of knowledge. Addiction can be psychological, brain
changes are absolutely biological, and drug use occurs in a certain social context. Books for teens tend to be
written by novelists with variable knowledge of the topic.

No one has ever written a book like this. Dr. Johnson grew up with addicted parents. He taught at Harvard
Medical School for 30 years and is now Director of Addiction Psychiatry for the State University of New
York Upstate Medical University. He has treated 15,000 patients during detoxification. He has treated a
number of addicted patients in 4-days-per-week psychoanalysis, including while they were drinking or injecting
drugs. Dr. Johnson has had extensive dealings with members of the drug culture and the recovery culture.

Widespread Zombification has 21st-century neuroscience, psychoanalysis, and social commentary packaged
as a page-turner; all written at a sixth-grade reading level.
              Brian Johnson, M.D.

Widespread Zombification in the 21st Century and
the Wars of the Zombie Masters


For Kids -- and the Occasional Interested Parent
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Widespread zombification in the 21st century and the wars of the zombie masters, by Brian Johnson
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Smashwords Widespread Zombification by Brian Johnson, M.D.
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