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Ruminations, Volume 2: Dawns and Departures by Eric v.d. Luft

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From the Preface to all volumes:
"Since the 1970s I have pursued three separate but overlapping
and sometimes simultaneous careers: (1) philosopher / writer /
teacher / historian of the long nineteenth century, 1789-1914;
(2) editor / translator / photographer / publisher / biographer /
encyclopedist; (3) cataloging librarian / rare books and special
collections librarian / historian of medicine. Somehow these
three vocations have garnered me some acclaim, even an
entry in Who's Who in America. Each of them has resulted
in some published or presented works. Because these works
have been scattered in a wide variety of venues, some of
which have gone out of print or have otherwise become
generally unavailable - and of course with the oral
presentations being gone as soon as they are given -
I have thought it wise to select, epitomize, and bring
them together in one place - here. Thus, what follows
is what I consider to be the most important of my
shorter works."

Selected Philosophical, Historical,
and Ideological Papers, Volume 2:
Dawns and Departures

  by Eric v.d. Luft


1. Letter about Nietzsche to The News, Bryn Mawr and
    Haverford Colleges (1983)
2. Excerpt: "Editor's Preface," Schopenhauer: New Essays
    in Honor of his 200th Birthday
3. Review: "Largo, Hooters? (Blue Gorilla / Mercury)" (1998)    
4. Chapter 1, "Why is the Philosophy of Religion Important?",
    God, Evil, and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of

5. Excerpt: "Introduction," How I Became a Life Master
    Playing the Weak No Trump

6. "Prologue," A Socialist Manifesto (2007)
7. Excerpt: "Translator's Introduction," The Gas Heart,
    by Tristan Tzara (2008)

8. Excerpt: "Preface," The Inscribed List (2008)
9. Excerpt: "Translator's Introduction," The Individual,
    by Karl Schmidt (2008)

10. Excerpts: "Preface" and "Philosophical Introduction
    and Prologue - Don't Ask Why, Just Do It!", Die at
    the Right Time! A Subjective Cultural History of the
    American Sixties

11. "The Crisis of Religion Among the Young Hegelians:
    The Legacy of Hegel" (2010)
12. Excerpt: "Translator's Introduction: Who Was
    Karl Schmidt?", Love Letters Without Love, by
    Karl Schmidt (2010)

13. Poem: "Morphine" (2010)
14. Poem: "Race Relations" (2010)
15. Excerpt: "Editor's Introduction," The Nature of the
, by Isabel Scribner Stearns (2011)

16. Poem: "Epistemology (for GLK)" (2011)
17. Poem: "Hairy Samson" (2011)
18. Poem: "Immortality" (2011)
19. Excerpt: "Translator's Introduction," Abelard and
, by Ludwig Feuerbach (2012)

20. Excerpt: "Preface," The Value of Suicide (2012)
Dawns and Departures by Eric v.d. Luft

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