Luft, Meeker, Hanford, and Wooddy genealogies
The Broken Jug, by Heinrich von Kleist
How the Conservatives Ruined America
Hit, by Mary Edwards Walker, M.D.
You Guys Are Good - for Girls! by Donna R. Gataletto
How to Tell if a Conservative is Dead, by Mary Wehrheim
An Imaginary Conversation with Muhammad Ali
A New Financial You in 28 Day: A 37-Day Plan, by Brian J. Foley
1001 Nineteenth-Century European Lyrics in Original Languages and New Translations
Abelard and Heloise, or: The Writer and the Human, by Ludwig Feuerbach
The Inscribed List, or, Why Librarians Are Crazy: Hilarious Real Names of Real People, by Eric v.d. Luft
Dynamic Humanisim, 5 volumes, by Eric v.d. Luft
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is German for
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"alternative state
of affairs."
The Absolute Boot, or, The Journeyman Cobbler Steeped in Hegel's Philosophy, by Friedrich Ludwig Lindner, translated by Lawrence S. Stepelevich
SUNY Upstate Medical University: A Pictorial History by Eric v.d. Luft
A Socialist Manifesto by Eric v.d. Luft 978-1-933237-07-7
God, Evil, and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of Religion by Eric v.d. Luft
How I Became a Life Master Playing the Weak No Trump by Eric v.d. Luft
The Gas Heart by Tristan Tzara, Le coeur a gaz translated by Eric v.d. Luft
Love Letters Without Love, by Karl Schmidt
Karl Schmidt, The Individual (1846), translated by Eric v.d. Luft
Into the Cool, The Collected Poems of David Saxton
The Nature of the Individual, by Isabel Scribner Stearns
Form, Content, and Power: Volume 5 of Dynamic Humanism
The Girl of the Early Race: Poems by Deborah Boe
Losing My Patience: Why I Quit the Medical Game, by Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.
Widespread Zombification in the 21st Century and the Wars of the Zombie Masters
101 Tips on Getting into Medical School -- Second Edition, Updated, Revised, Enlarged, by Jennifer C. Welch
The Value of Suicide, by Eric v.d. Luft
Ruminations: Selected Philosophical, Historical, and Ideological Papers, by Eric v.d. Luft
The Dictatorship of the Intelligentsia: An Approach to Political Philosophy (Dynamic Humanism, volume 3), by Eric v.d. Luft
Sow: Poems by Tanya Rucosky Noakes
Hegel's Shorter Logic / John Grier Hibben and Eric v.d. Luft
Andrew Loog Oldham -- Everybody Must Get Stoned
USA Grants For
Moms Resource
Sarah Penn -- I Wanna Do Everything!
Martin Slotty, Kierkegaard's Epistemology
Ten Revolutionary Martyrs, by Eric v.d. Luft
Rolling Stoned, by Andrew Loog Oldham
ACE Guidebook for Clerkship Directors -- 4th edition
Fear and Dissembling, by M.G. Piety
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Un Manifiesto Socialista por Eric v.d. Luft, traducido del InglÚs por Tanya Davis-Castro
Diary of Doses: Poems by Rob Dickenson
Dawns and Departures, by Eric v.d. Luft
Ruminations, Volume 1, Part 1, The Infinite, by Eric v.d. Luft
Ruminations, Volume 1, Part 2, The Finite, by Eric v.d. Luft
Violence and Women
A History of the Philosophy of Love in Western Thought, by Eric v.d. Luft
Sequins and Scandals, by M.G. Piety
Ruminations, Volume 3, The Frozen Landscape, by Eric v.d. Luft
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The Organs of the Brain: A Farce in Three Acts, by August von Kotzebue
ACE Handbook on Medical Student Evaluation and Assessment
E-book: Quick Psychiatry, by Nutan Atre Vaidya, M.D.
Yoga for Fools
The Socialist Reader, edited by Eric v.d. Luft
Alliance for Clinical Education: Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
Critical Thinking and Logic: A Philosophical Workbook, by Todd M. Furman - 2nd ed.
Letters from the War, by Sgt. George A. Crawley
Don't Complain That There's No Sauerkraut!
Hinrichs, Essence of Ancient Tragedy